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Al'kir an orphaned boy due to a band of raider's has been raised by the temple since he was old enough to speak. Try as he might however the life of a simple monk never suited him. One day as he was running errands for the head monk, he came across a traveler. He was dressed as some type of monk, but his demeanor was of no such monk he had ever seen. Curious as any young man would he began to talk with this man who introduced himself as Zer'ta a monk of the Xiao Quan simply known as The Laughing Fist.

After Zer'ta finished his business he departed the small town of Night's Embrace with a shadow following him. After a hour or so of walking he began to hear footsteps behind him only to notice a young monk, Al'kir Following him with a small bag of the young monks possessions. The young monk begged Zer'ta to take him on as his apprentice, Zer'ta seeing the determination in this young Suli's eyes decided to take him on as a apprentice and teach him the way of the Laughing Fist. Years past by as Master and pupil traveled the continent going from village to village, enjoying the lands and the wonders of drink they could get their hands on. Until one night Zer'ta and Al'kir were in a bar as a Bandit Raiding party descended upon the Village as this was no surprise in small villages such as this Zer'ta told Al'kir to return to the inn and wait for him there until morning.

But Zer'ta never returned, the next morning a panic-stricken Al'kir scoured the village looking for his master. He found what was left of his master, strange green flames emerging from the wounds across his body. With his last words his master told him to search for the Black fist, armed with only that knowledge and the years of training in the way of the laughing fist Al'kir begins his journey with hope to one day find the black fist and avenge his fallen master, and of course have a great time along the way.